Interview Do’s & Don’ts

Remember – 1st impressions count!!!


  • Prepare answers to frequently asked questions i.e.
    "Tell me about yourself"
    "What do you know about our company?"
    "Tell me your strengths and weaknesses"
    "What interests you about this role/company?"
    "What do you think the role will involve?"
    "What is your greatest achievement?"
  • Prepare some questions to ask i.e.
    "What plans does the company have for the future?"
    "How many employees do you have?"
    "When can I expect to hear from you?"
  • Find out about the company before you go
    Look on their website (if they have one), make sure you know what the job vacancy is about and you who you should ask for when you arrive
  • Take a copy of your CV and Record of Achievement
  • Dress smartly
  • Switch off your mobile telephone
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview time
    Check bus timetables etc, well in advance)
  • Firmly shake your interviewer's hand
  • Try to relax
    Sit up straight and maintain good eye contact
  • Ask the interviewer to re-phrase questions you don't understand
  • At the end of your interview smile, shake the interviewers hand and thank them for their time


  • Arrive late
  • Dress casually
    No jeans or short skirts
  • Take friends or family along to the interview
  • Chew gum
  • Drink alcohol before an interview
  • Ask only about salary or holidays
  • Interrupt when the interviewer is talking
  • Smoke
  • Use slang
    Say "yes" not "yeah"
  • Fidget

Remember... It is important for you to:

  • Know about the company
  • Know about the job you will be involved in
  • Know the date and time of your interview, where to go and how to get there


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